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Ropes are elements that hang and can create a bond to a group or a single body. These are highly related to 'Shibari' an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. 

This project explores through texture, feel and touch to create compositions of ropes in order to create artistic and maybe pleasuring objects in relation to the bondage practices. 

At the same time, these pieces can become individual pieces of jewellery that can be worn. White and pale colours refer to the vision of this performance as a purity practice.

Body piece, 2018. Thick hemp thread.

Shibari's meaning is 'to tie' and its origin comes from the martial art of restraining captives called 'Hojo-jutsu'. Samurai warriors honour and respect was as such that they developed a specific way to tie in order to hurt the prisoners in a softer manner. It wasn't until the late Edo period (1600's - 1860's) that it became a new form of erotism. 

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