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Anlis Luik is a multidisciplinary artist who recalls the body and its interaction with objects. Through multiple materials and performance, she uses textures, feelings, touch and temperature to explore how body and object become one.

Currently, she is teaching jewellery techniques as well as continuing to develop her jewellery exploring materials and the body. 


Her work has been exhibited at Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya (Crafts centre of Catalonia) in Barcelona, the Holy art Gallery in London and recently exhibited in the Istanbul Jewellery week as a Precious Collective member. 


University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Master of Arts: Contemporary Jewellery, Rochester, UK, 2018

Escola Massana (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), Graduate Certificate in Arts and Crafts, Barcelon, Spain, 2017

Escola Massana (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), University degree in Art and Design, Barcelona, Spain, 2012 - 2016

2021 - Identity virtual exhibition by The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

2020 - Istanbul Online Jewellery Week, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 - MA Show Canterbury & Rochester, University for the Creative Arts Canterbury, UK

2018 - Holding Stories: British Art Medal Society Competition, University for the Creative Arts Rochester, UK (17th April -10th May)

2017 - In material: results and experiences, Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain 

2016 - Tertulia #2: Arte. Creatividad. Espacio. Música, Centre CUE (CCUE), Sant Adria, Spain 

2016 - Convergent: Object and body experience (performance), Centre of Art and Design Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain 

2015 - MACBAgh (performance - exhibition), Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 


This is the meaning behind Anlis' name:



Written in Catalan, it means: 'No one cares to know it'.

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