Always felt artistic, worked with objects and played in the riverside with clay.

'My passion is to never stop learning. I learn from others and from myself. Jewellery and the body language make me discover new things from myself I never knew before: new worlds and horizons are found in my inside that thrill me. Roughly explained, my work consist in researching the interaction between body and jewellery by gesture as move- ment. Hence, both subjects become one identity together that, at the same time, connects all the people and the world around us because ‘what is the ocean but millions of water drops?’ (Cloud Atlas, 2013)

My projects are for me and for everyone else. We need to know our bodies to find out who we are.

Studied Art and Design at ‘Escola Massana’ in Barcelona where I met my interest for object and body. My skills were concentrated in the development of materials such as metal and glass but after studying an MA in Contemporary Jewellery at University for the Creative arts (UCA) new possibilities came and the range of materials expanded. Perfor-

mance becomes part of my research practice to explore beyond.'


My Contemporary Art and Design studies at Escola Massana taught me about the importance of theory and concept behind a project.


My capacity of analysis and my interest in knowledge have guided me during my processess. In contrast, my testing becomes very organic and full of contrasts of colours, shapes, materials and sizes. 

Both methodologies, as the first one could be considered to be squarehead, are very different but these, in my opinion, create a balance that helps me to create unique pieces.