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The Fragmented Body is a project based on the body language and gesture, being compound by multiple fragments.

The objects' origin comes from the visualisation of diverse images generated in a butoh workshop as well as a body mind research.

This project explores the body and mind expression and possibilities transformed into actual objects that only have purpose when these are in actual interaction with the performer.


Rain is the physical representation from a Butoh practice around the performance of two different environment. Sunny and Rainy days were chosen to be represented by the body gesture.

It consisted in drawing an invisible line where, on each side of it, opposite phenomenologies took place. Therefore, the body movement would have to adapt depending on each side it was, as well as when it was in the middle of both.


As a result, I developed a net that would capture different drops represented as water bags that, due to these contain water, it has a feeling of cold on the skin representing very faithfully what I experienced.

Body piece, 2018. Mixed media: Plastic, water, hemp thread.

As the performance developed, the rainy side developed forward to become an actual image:

'I had the feeling of millions black, cold, heavy water drops were hitting my body. Tension spread all over my body and made me move, trying to release or to balance that weight smashing on me. '


Kazuo Ohno's Hat is a set of objects inside the Fragmented body series that are the physical representation of the act of 'pinching' inside the inner image of 'picking up flowers from Kazuo Ohno's hat', which gives name to it.

The objects' origin comes from the visualisation of the act of joining thumb and the index fingers.

The pieces developed represent how the space fragments and transforms into multiple shapes from multiple gestures focusing in the magic garden in Kazuo Ohno's hat. A gesture as simple and pick up flowers can transform into diverse realities.

Objects, 2018. Ceramic.

Your body contains different worlds and stories and by exploring its connection with the mind we can create new worlds and environments. 

'My body transforms growing ivy up to my arms as a pleasant feeling to later become a grey thick smoke up to the air. The smoke would evolve and transform in one of Kazuo Ohno's big hats full of flowers and, as if it was a beautiful garden, I would pick them up and give them.

The garden transformed into a closed room around me that I would touch and feel.'


The book of my life visually explains one of the diverse possibilities of representing something with our body away from the universal or social common gestures.


It explores how, with just a finger, I read a book explaining the story of my life. Therefore, a different view of a common book was created just by using a specific part of my body.

In a simple way, the pieces explain this image with an object representing a beginning that continues with lines that regard to a multiplicity of experiences in our lives. Some of the lines may be longer or shorter, these may end or may continue growing. It depends on the paths we decide to follow.


Objects, 2018. Mixed media: Glazed ceramic, cotton thread, steel wire.

How could the body represent something away from the common convictions? Instead of turning the pages of a book with your hands and fingers, how would you do it with just one finger? and if that book was the story of your life?

'I had to explain how I was holding a book and explain how I was reading it just by pointing it. Imagining a book just I know it is had no sense, then its shape changed to become different lines with different stories that just extended and vibrated as if vocal chords were, as if I was playing a melody with a piano, as if time could be changed and explained by pulling strings. I stood there, just moving my finger up and down without looking at it because I could see it without my eyes.'



The Puppet focuses on the idea of the body being controlled by a stronger power or will that, rather than being outside, is a part of ourselves.


It gives the possibility of changing its position and transforming it into a completely different object with different functions and actions with the body.

The combination of a circle and lines that are attached to it builds a body that tries to extend and transform into new bodies.


Object, 2018. Copper wire.

When performing butoh, the body empties allowing the death to fill it up and become multiple bodies.

'I had a string coming from my head. It was pulled up so my head was straight along with my body. My self centre was underneath my belly and gradually different strings appeared on my body. Hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, knees, even my face and my fingers and toes were somehow connected. I had to let it be and let it move me so I would think and I would just become.'


Touch is a combination of space and physical feeling where combined, the space transforms from emptiness to fulness.

Negative and positive space form a shape of opposite realities that, at the same time, can be distorted by the touch of the body.


The sponge material is soft and lets the performer squeeze it with the hands or agains the body as well as extend it. Just because of its flexibility, once that is not in contact with a power that deforms it, it comes back to its original shape. 


Object, 2018. Acrylic sponge.

The body can transform but the space around us as well. The world is an extension of us and it changes with our actions and it changes us. The void creates space that we can play with by filling it or not. It also transforms into multiple bodies as we do.

'I walk through all the room, having in mind what is behind me as well as the sides, not only the front. We are many people in the space so I have to be careful not shocking with anybody. We change rhythm and speed and direction. We walk towards us, we walk backwards. The tension grows but then we stop. We come back and then we release. We expand and fill every single space to later compact in the middle of the room and again we fill up the gaps but in a different way. We become individuals but also one.'

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