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Convergent is a project that aims to find an alternative vision in jewellery.

It links together different aspects such as the necessity of objects due to a lack of experience, compulsive consumerism, theory about our relationships understood as possessions and ideas of community regarding the body and the world understood as an extension of the body as well.

Everything relates to the concept of jewellery being part of our body, a link to make evident that connection with others and the world around.

Accordingly, convergent consists in 4 pieces , 3 of them to be worn by two people connecting them and influencing their movement.

The first piece consists in two necklaces connecting two people by a wire that draws a semicircle that doesn't allow them to move forward or backwards. 

The second is a closed box with holes on each side to let it be worn by two people. A glass piece conforms the centre so the arms can be seen through it.

The third one consisted in a sheet of glass shaped as waves with a hole inside to let two feet (each from different people) to pass through. That way the wearers would be against each other.

The fourth and last is a glass sphere that enable others to introduce their hands inside and union happens with all of them, not only in pairs. 

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This video is the recording of the performance between the people and the objects that took place at the Escola Massana, the Art and Design centre in Barcelona.

It shows how the performers interact between them using the objects.

glass ball reflection.png
pillow 2.png
necklacess reflection 3.png
glass piece reflection 3.png

Body pieces, 2016. Mixed media: Glass, brass, silicone.

I would like to give a special thanks to the performers Noemí Hernández, Ariadna Millet, Cristina Corberó, Maragda Induráin, Judit Piña and Nil Santané who were very engage and patient during the whole process including after.


Also to the actress Ani Samvel and the photographer Sunlight photography for being so professional and helping me to develop the performatic experience.

Thank you to you all for all your help. This project would not be possible without you all.


'A person is in front of me. I barely can't reach and touch that person but I want to. I am not able to move either forward or backwards and I feel tension.

My arms hurt when I extend them to the front and an energy pushes me as a vibration that travels through all my body. It hurts and my legs shake for all the pressure in my body.

Somehow that power releases and it allows me to think clearly and start moving in a different way to interact with that person.'