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What is the difference between natural and artificial? Everything created by human hands become artificial but new technologies are trespassing the boundaries of nature. We can clone animals as well as modify plans DNA in order to make them become more powerful against deseases, We can create non-existent colours and build impossible building with unbelievable shapes that defy mother nature.

Richard Sennet, in his book 'The Artisan', states that the nature of human kind is to create with our hands, therefore, that's our way to be creative. 

Mutation explores this idea of man creativeness when constructing something through the process of making as well as the use of glass and metal which are natural materials that, at the same time, are created by men.

It can become a diseases so, as if alive organisms where, these pieces present a contrast of shapes, colours and materials that can have an artificial look but aim to become something alive.

1 copy.jpg

Body piece, 2017. Mixed media: Glass and brass.

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